December 31, 2012 – Extended office hours and the Tennessee Greenbelt Program

The Rutherford County Property Assessor’s Office is pleased to announce that beginning Saturday March 2nd and the first Saturday of each month thereafter, the office hours will be extended from 9AM until 12 Noon.  This is our way of assisting taxpayers who find it difficult to come in during regular business hours due to work schedules.

Our office is also making digital filing of Tangible Personal Property Schedules available for the first time.  Call the Personal Property Department at 615-898-7761 to discover how your business may take advantage of this wonderful time saving program.   Personal Property Schedules are due back in the Assessor’s Office on or before March 1st of each year in order to avoid a forced assessment.

The Assessor’s Office is making every effort to assist eligible owners of property with 15 acres or more to apply for the State of Tennessee’s Greenbelt Program.  This program is designed to aid property owners with agricultural, forest, or open space land.  For more information on the Greenbelt Program please call us at 615-898-7750 or drop by 319 North Maple Street, Suite 200 Murfreesboro, Tennessee so we can help.

We recognize that many times bad things happen to good people.  In an effort to provide relief to property owners whose property was severely damaged or destroyed, we have instituted a policy to collect data from emergency responders, insurance companies and restoration contractors to assist us in locating taxpayers who are eligible for help but may not realize it.  If you or someone you know has a building on their property which has been damaged, destroyed or demolished in the last year please notify the Assessor’s Office so that we can adjust the property when applicable.

Everyone is welcome to call or drop by our office anytime.

Rob Mitchell

Assessor of Property

Rutherford County Tennessee

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