June 23, 2014 – Property Assessor Who Really Cares about Overspending

Kevin DeSanti, Advantax PropTax Minute

It’s not every day you find a property assessor who thinks his own county is overspending…until you meet Rob Mitchell, property assessor of Rutherford County, Tennessee.  He wrote a letter to WGNS Radio stating that the county “spent about $58 million dollars more than they brought in over the last three years.”  And he’s tired of taking the heat for it:

“In the Assessor’s Office we are doing our part. We are correcting injustices, correcting values on properties and making meaningful strides to restore a lost confidence in our department. The real question is why is a three year fifty eight million dollar deficit in County spending not an issue?…”

Kudos for speaking up, Rob Mitchell! For more property tax news, check out proptax minute at advantax.com.

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