July 21, 2015 – State of the Property Assessor’s Office: Year Three

July 21, 2015 press release from Rutherford County (Tennessee) Assessor of Property, Rob Mitchell:

I am pleased to announce the conclusion of another very successful year in the Assessor’s Office.

Over the last three years we have made many improvements to your Property assessor’s office we:

  • Settled appeals from previous administrations
  • Resolved injustices to farmers
  • Changed State law to prevent widowed surviving spouses from being taxed off their property
  • Won grants to incorporate hybrid vehicles into our service fleet saving fuel costs and bettering the environment
  • Developed, with assistance from the County OIT department, a public website which is praised for ease of use
  • Developed, with assistance from the County OIT department, the State’s first Property Search App for mobile devices
  • Developed the only “live” in the field property review process in the State saving taxpayers $64K dollars per year
  • Partnered with MTSU to develop the first County/University public art gallery with the Murfree Galleries
  • Won national recognition for our commitment to save taxpayers dollars
  • Remodeled our reception area for improved customer service
  • Completed a highly successful four year county wide reappraisal
  • Wrote an Employee Handbook to defend the rights of assessor’s office employees
  • Fought for and won the right to compensate our employees fairly based upon their skills and work load
  • Created a presentation for a national conference high lighting Rutherford County Assessor’s Office’s successful use of resources
  • Returned to the General Fund 1.338 million dollars in SAVINGS over three years! $588,736 this year alone!

It is our goal to become the best managed Assessor’s Office in Tennessee.  We have taken the bold step to attempt to become one of only 24 other assessment jurisdictions in the nation to achieve the Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration.  You have our commitment that we will continue to make efficient use of your taxpayer money.  We will not ask for what we do not need and we will not spend money unless it is justified and has a meaningful return on investment.

Thank you for your continued support of our mission and for allowing me the opportunity to serve you.


Rob Mitchell, Assessor of Property

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